Keeping Abreast with Trillanes’s Coup

Posted: November 29, 2007 in All and Sundry, commentary, politics


“Uhm… is it true that there’s a coup? I got a text message a while ago about it,” a participant in the ICT Empowerment for Women training said. Ms. Janette Toral, our facilitator replied,” Yes, I just got the news from Twitter.”Imagine how fast news spread when you’re connected to the worldwide web. An event breaks out this minute, the next minute news of such action lands in some micro-blog or becomes a post in a news site. So after Ms. Janette confirmed the then alleged coup, all of us in the training immediately surfed the Net for updates. Easy does it. We were all connected to the Net and this made it possible and way easier to access the necessary information. And to think we were just at the National Computer Center here in Quezon city.Inquirer posted a breaking news report that looked like a short news advisory on real time. It stated the necessary facts: that Trillanes walked out and called for a coup. I sighed. “At least it was just a call for a coup, and not yet a coup,” I thought. But then again, after I checked the Inquirer’s site the second time, another breaking news report came up: NSC set to convene. Then later, I found out that Trillanes and Lim have already holed themselves up in Peninsula Hotel, trying to convince other groups (CSOs) to join their cause. Then bishops, and other cause-oriented groups joined them, and so o… The news keeps changing and the information keeps updating.It is amazing how in the past, if something like this happened, I would have been left wondering about the latest events, while waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper. Or I would have panicked and would have wanted to rush to the nearest sari-sari store to look for a TV so I could watch a breaking news broadcast. But these days, like today, I didn’t panic (okay just a bit) because I knew I could access information within a mouse click away and confirm if Trillanes really has headed a coup.In this age of convergent media, one can keep abreast with current events, as long as one is hooked up to the Net, with a wide menu of different media choices that combine text and image to choose from. A while ago, I chose to read news on an online news website. But I can always choose to look for additional corroborative facts on Trillanes’s coup on Youtube or some other TV site, and watch a video of such breaking news event. Or I can go to a podcasting site and listen to an audio newscast of the event. Simple as that. No hassle.But speaking of hassle, what makes me squirm on my seat is the fact that a coup will be a hassle to our country’s economy, our people’s peace of mind, our whole belief on our country’s institutions. That will make for another blog entry.

  1. Hello Claire. Your post inspired me to blog a short note about twitter and blogs as breaking news and rumor source. I think we will see more media folks citing those two as source of stories, pictures, and insights.

    On a side note, may I also get Gina’s blog? It seems her submission didn’t reach MBS’s Blogie and will submit it to him directly. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I read your short note and I realize this make for a good research project. Hehe.

    I already e-mailed you Miss Gina’s blog address. 🙂

  3. john says:

    i think we should learn to wait for our president to end her term

  4. Nonoy says:

    — > Expel Tonyo Trillanes From The Senate Online Petition at

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