Lessons from PinoyDelikasi

Posted: November 27, 2007 in All and Sundry, commentary, Musings

n516320070_685717_7255.jpgJovel Cipriano (seen in photo), the founder of Pinoydelikasi.com one of the most successful e-business sites in the Philippines, was our speaker last week during our session on ICT for e-commerce. The site sells Pinoy delicacies on the internet so that Pinoys and non-Pinoys across the nation and abroad could order delicacies like canned laing, and even lechon (!) with just a click of a button. Easy access, no waste of time. What a wonderful example of the blurring of borders in food delivery!

I was so pleased with his sharing that I almost made a fool of myself by asking what I now think as a stupid question. Oh well. One thing I really learned from him is that you have to maximize the various online marketing tools to ensure that your e-business venture would earn, and that my dears includes even selling news and information. Sometimes, traditional marketing tools don’t necessarily help and are more often than not, incompatible with your online product.

screenshot-filipino-delicacies-delivered-right-at-your-doorsteps-mozilla-firefox.pngThat night, I tossed and turned as I was endlessly ruminating on possible measures to implement an online marketing plan than can help Mindanews. One is to really gain more traffic. With the new interface, life would be much easier for MindaNews (hopefully) I guess, since according to Mr. Cipriano, one of the top factors that encourages users to stick around to explore a site is good aesthetically-pleasing design, plus of course, that it is easy to navigate.

On another note, I am really tempted, if not inspired, to finally pursue my long-term plan to sell my DIY products online. I talked to Maita and Jabu last weekend at Cibos and they were quite excited about the venture. Happiness is here again! Indeedy.

It’s official I am a closeted geek. *eek*

  1. Zang says:

    a very nice blog! i like the lay-out and the contents. care for an ex-link?


  2. ella says:

    ooh an online shop! i think this is the best site for that, if you don’t have your own domain–> http://www.appee.com/uk/


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