blogging pet peeves

Posted: November 18, 2007 in All and Sundry, Rants

1. i don’t like it when people (readers) can’t distinguish your identity as a blogger and your identity in person. oftentimes, people put you in this box because of what they have read in your blog. this is annoying. there are so many facets to a person and a blogging self is just one of them.

a blogger is a persona just like the speaker in a literary work.

2.  the need to adhere to online journalism ethics. this is debatable and very problematic for me. bloggers are not journalists. period.

i really detest those people who scoff at bloggers who maintain personal sites that contain personal narratives just because they find these blogs “solipsistic.” as though blogs that contain specific purposes like “social change”are the only ones that can be called legitimate ventures and not wastes of time. my point is that the personal is political. if a person has a story to tell, let him/her tell it. it will still be part of history–part of the fabric of narrative interactivity in this age of the worldwide web.

3. blog lurkers. hmm.. i’m not really totally annoyed with them. i just want them to leave a comment on my blog. so let me extend my invitation to all my lurkers to comment away. let’s prove that blogging is one way of interactive discussion (so postmodern).

  1. KK says:

    lurkers are modern day voyeurs, too scared to say anything, maybe in fear of being labeled stupid?

  2. hahah. somehow you’re right. i’m half-annoyed and half-sympathetic about them. i can be lurker too if i want to. but otherwise, oh well.. thanks for the comment though.

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