fun times ahead

Posted: November 11, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, video art

lss: “sunny days, chasing the clouds away…” -sesame street

fun times ahead. that’s my mantra these days. just to keep me going despite the stress that’s obviously taking its toll on my body. with second semester finally kicking in tomorrow, life would really become more difficult yet exciting for me. got a new preparation that focuses on digital storytelling in the media arts program that i’ll be teaching this semester, which is something i’m presently excited about.

another source of excitement is a video art exhibit in the near future, specifically early next year. i met up with pet malaya last night at some coffeeshop in v.mapa to talk about the plans for the exhibit and our meeting gave birth to very interesting and most of all, workable concepts. it’s good to be back in the art practice mode. (it’s been such a long time) and with new terrains to explore. challenging work definitely gives me a head rush.

while the succeeding months would definitely be busy for me–what with shooting, editing, and organizing activities for the exhibit–i’m looking forward to the work (for the first time).

more interesting projects are up ahead but unfortunately, i can’t blog about them yet. they might be jinxed. 🙂

  1. leicia says:

    sounds exciting gyud claire… lots of luck and fun! =)

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