on estrada’s pardon

Posted: November 5, 2007 in All and Sundry, commentary, current events, Musings, politics, Stumbled Upon

i have been itching to comment on the recent news of former president estrada’s pardon but have set my opinions aside for different reasons of which i cannot divulge here. finally, i have decided not to blog about my opinions on this matter. however, i still want to share this insight i got from writer and artist fatima lasay found in in the bbc asia-pacific website:

“Given all the allegations of corruption against Arroyo, I think that she is the wrong person to use the wisdom of executive clemency.

It is not a question of whether it is right or wrong to pardon Estrada – she is the wrong person to do it.

Any criminal must be punished for their deeds in accordance with the law. But the law also favours mercy as well as justice, and that mercy is especially biased towards the poor, the underclass.

When President Arroyo’s own pardon powers were being awaited by poor female prisoners over the age of 70 last year, she took so long that some of these women died before she could pardon them. And some of these women were in prison for crimes as small as smoking pot.

But it took her only six weeks to pardon a rich, powerful and immensely popular man, who has been convicted for plundering the nation.

A pardon is more an act of grace than an act of law. But when you give the wrong person the right means then the right means will turn out the wrong way.

Some people of power – and mercy – have learnt to tactically use what is right and corrupt it for their own private gain”– Fatima Lasay

  1. KK says:

    This was the topic of the first ever talkback I did on my own. We were bombarded with calls.

  2. mebuyan says:

    hmm.. i wonder what they said. curiouser curiouser

  3. leicia says:

    naunsa na man.. =/

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