CoffeeFornication, Try it!

Posted: October 29, 2007 in All and Sundry, Travel Diary

a4678r.jpgIf you happen to be in Davao and needing shots of overpoweringly good coffee for netsurfing, go to Bo’s at Torres. Last night, I had so far one of the best cafe mochas throughout my stay here in Davao. No sugarcoating, really. The cup was completely a “waker-upper” with that wonderful, balanced blend of coffee and mocha–not too sweet, not too creamy. Unlike those sold in other cafes that scrimp on choco, Bo’s cafe mocha allows you to enjoy the choco taste.

Plus did I mention that the place offers reliable wireless connection? So for those who can’t wait to find a peaceful spot to work on their laptops or just show off their new macbooks, this coffeshop might be right for you.

The possible problem for me is that Torres is so far from where I live and work–Mintal. If I decide to ride the jeep, it would take two rides to get there.There’s always the taxi. But sometimes, for people like us who live in the boondocks of Mintal, it’s always an effort to decide whether to go downtown or not. My usual hang-out is SM nowadays not because it’s the best place to be, but because it’s just one ride away. It’s getting a little too predictable. And if there’s one last thing I don’t want to be, it’s being “predictable.” Unfortunately, it seems that I’m going down that route.

Going back to coffee… There’s a relatively new cafe somewhere in Torres too that’s called @the Yellow Hauz. They sell interesting blends and flavors with rather eye-popping names that would surely elicit a giggle. The most memorable is coffeefornication. What’s up with that? Does drinking that particular flavor guarantee mind-blowing orgasm? Or is it that sinful it’s not good to try it? The word fornication attached to coffee might elicit mixed reactions, but what’s really commendable is the perfect use of pun in “coffeefornication” bordering on the kitschy yet hip feel. I wonder if the owner listens to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Hmmm….

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