NewMedia Literacy in Education

Posted: October 22, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations, Stumbled Upon

This article “New Media Literacy in Education: Learning Media Use While Developing Critical Thinking” by Howard Rheingold I found in one of my favorite sites MasterNewMedia is a good answer to some watchdogs/vanguards of “tradition” who scoff at blogging as not a valid method/tool to use in writing courses because blogging is not writing, or those who are incessantly panicking over the democratization of writing/publishing in the internet (“anyone can be a writer nowadays because of blogging”). To share this article is my way of saying:”hey hear us out. New Media is not at all a spawn of the devil.” Perhaps, there has to be a paradigm shift. Instead of looking at the advent of New Media technologies as a mark of the decay of the old “more humane” world, let us consider what Howard Rheingold points out as needs: “(a) a new kind of critical reading skill was necessary in the era of the search engine, and (b) an education-based rather than a regulatory-based response to the moral panics that break out over young people online is badly needed.”

Perhaps it is about time that writing teachers face the reality of an increasingly mediated world and somehow frame their pedagogy around this context, instead of constantly bemoaning the death of “old-school” journal writing. Read the rest of the article here.

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