Baudrillard on Jogging!

Posted: October 2, 2007 in All and Sundry, Random Observations, Stumbled Upon

This really cracks me up. I didn’t know that Baudrillard has had humor. Got this from whirling dervish’s blog:

Jean Baudrillard characterized jogging as an obsessive behavior, a means of self-control in a culture of excess. To jog is to internalize Hollywood and Wall Street simultaneously: the jogger embodies the paradox of the anorexic mass-consumer, the hedonistic workaholic. Jogging isn’t leisure, like soccer or walking, but obligation, the compulsion to control the body and compensate for the mind.

It is less of a personal choice than a dictated imperative: you MUST improve your cholesterol! You MUST lose 10 pounds to fit into that dress! You have the right not to, but no one will like you if you don’t! Baudrillard referred to this habit as a “form of voluntary servitude.”

– from the CU Columbia Spectator

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  1. ortho stice says:

    Baudrillard had a wonderfully dry and insightful sense of humor. I miss him so much.

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