People Power in Rangoon

Posted: September 26, 2007 in All and Sundry, politics, Random Observations


Mizzima news reports: “At least one Buddhist monk and one woman were confirmed killed in the firing by security forces when over 300,000 people led by Buddhist monks continued their protest against the military junta in Rangoon, Protesters swelled in number today despite the junta’s ban on assembly of more than five people and use of tear gas and firing warning shots.”

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My take on this is simple (because I am not a political analyst) and it is that I fervently wish that international support given to the protesters would be overwhelming enough to assure a successful revolt against the junta. The time has come to stop turning a blind eye.

In the past, the people’s chances at a new life under democratic rule were crushed when the military junta succeeded in quelling the protests by killing hundreds of protesters. I do hope it would be different this time after monks started to lead the march. It is believed (according to analysts) that the junta have not touched the monks because they are aware that the people still hold high regard towards these spiritual persons.  However, reports also recount that in the past, the junta has tried deploying soldiers masquerading as monks inside rally areas as a way of infiltrating the mass group and finally breaking the protest.

I say this time it might be different only if the world stands with Burma. This month, leaders all over the world are gathering in New YOrk for the United Nations Summit. I hope that they would decide on this matter and recognize the grave consequences the people of Burma will face if the junta decides to use force.

As a person who openly detest the culture of violence, I join the protesters and other concerned individuals around the world in this march virtually by virtue of this blog entry. Mabuhay!

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