Posted: September 9, 2007 in All and Sundry, dogs, Musings

at my couture designer friend ronald enrico’s house in cebu a few days ago, i got licked in the crotch by their male japanese spitz dog that was super “in-heat.” i was so groggy from the evening plane trip that i didn’t immediately notice that the dog’s head was in between my legs while i was splayed on one of ronald’s chairs. when i saw the dog doing its thing, i almost wanted to kick it in the face but then i remembered it was too excited it might bite my toes off. just a few minutes before the licking incident, the dog had almost pummeled me to the floor when i arrived in the house. it’s name is “kulot” and it was accompanied by four more dogs (one of them a hybrid terrier) that greeted me with barks and tiny bites.

i was thankful that i was wearing denim pants and i couldn’t feel kulot’s tongue licking me. but the idea made me feel a bit queasy. i just shrugged it off when ronald and the rest laughed at the whole thing.

“he’s in heat man gud,” ronald assured me.

“oh, that’s why,” i nodded.

neil then remarked: “at least that means you’re attractive. even dogs find you sexual.”

and we all laughed.

i can’t imagine having five hairy “excitable” dogs around my house everyday. and i wondered how ronald manages to live through the hell they cause when they start gnawing at your clothes, biting anything that looked edible along the way, or popoo-ing in some corner. not to mention the endless barking (the noise the noise!) but ronald is a dog person. and i could see it in the way he treats the little mutts with care as though they are his children.

when i finally tried to take a short nap inside ronald’s airconditioned room, two of the dogs sasha and tin-tin (who are 8-month old spawns of kulot) came barging in and played with my hair while i was lying on the foam bed. they kept barking at my face, so close that i could see their fangs. one of them nibbled my ear. i almost panicked. but then i realized they were just being playful. right then, i amost wanted to just hug them so tight.

it was a strange yet wonderful welcome contingent. i’ve never felt so loved.

  1. Raindreamer says:

    Must have felt queasy after that…

  2. weave says:

    aww babe u know that i love u too rite 😉

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