Posted: August 29, 2007 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks

img_0924.jpgkasi blog ko to, at least i should be given the right to be narcissistic and announce the things i have done. (wink wink) my friends are going to kill me for this, but what the heck. 😛

the picture is one of those that davao artist abe g. took of sungdu-an 4. and my work is in it as part of the survey of mindanao women artists. it’s the first time i have tried to do mixed media installation. (see the work placed on a white block in the right hand side of the picture) pasensya na. the organizers had a wonderful plan of forcing us to submit pieces. if you can’t then you have to submit a statement explaining why you were not able to make art. so di ba? at least no one can ask anymore: “where are the women artists in mindanao?”

scared of having to explain my lack of time and space to do art, i plodded on and tried my best. this is the first time after years of hiatus that i joined a group exhibit. so it’s back to the starting line again. baby steps if you please. but i’m happy despite the fact that i don’t have a room of my own like virginia clamors for–not even a studio to do large works, not even money to buy equipment and tools– just a small room to do small stuff. that’s good enough as of now. 🙂

see picture of my work in, taken by abe.

  1. leicia says:

    nice… =) mabrouk!

  2. thanks. hehe. but “nice” is so generic. haha. peace out.:-)

  3. Daniel Ted says:

    I for one is still dreaming of becoming an artist. The problem I’m not good enough..hhaha.Nice works by the way.

  4. leicia says:

    okay N.I.C.E. for its Newsworthy because its Interesting and Captivating making the whole installation Exciting!! bawi ba? hehehe..

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