peter north and concepts of masculinity

Posted: August 18, 2007 in All and Sundry, feminisms, Musings

oh my goddess! i just discovered who peter north is after a man informed me about him. he is a pornstar and is considered to be the greatest cumshot legend. so this means i have to revised my paper in terms of my reading on the allusion to peter north in one of parokya ni edgar’s songs. this just goes to show i don’t watch pornography and that means i’m not really an all-the-way pop culture vulture. i should have asked around.

on another note, i’ve been having a wonderful time ( despite being bedridden for two days due to overfatigue and a condition i’d rather call ague) reading books on masculinity and concepts of maleness. one that kept me really interested is this ongoing theorizing on men and nurturance.

agnes, one of my goddesses who just out of nowhere emailed me lately at the right time when i was grappling with a paper i’ve been trying to finish, lent me the materials. “perhaps they can help,” she texted.

oh yes, they did help in so many ways. not just for my paper but for further understanding of human relationships in general. what i find really interesting are those discussions by pierre bourdieu on power in his book “masculine domination” and that book by cultural anthropologist arthur brittan entitled “masculinity and power.” brittan’s ethnographic discussions on east and southeasian concepts of masculinity is a wonderful read and has debunked so many ideas i have of masculine standard in these parts of the world. i also find his discussions on the tahiti men and women quite interesting considering that he posits there is no “standard” or “real”maleness in their culture, citing ethnographic observations of rituals where men dance rubbing against each other that may be otherwise called taboo through a western lens.

masculinity, brittan argues is not a coherent static whole. it is the “aspect of men’s behavior that fluctuates over time” and “therefore does not exist in isolation from femininity….”

bourdeiu on the other hand, is not an easy read considering that the book is just a translation from french and most of these translators often rely on too much jargon. what i find very helpful are his discussions on the symbolic power and the connection between modes of production and modes of reproduction.


i’m just thankful some people are helpful in so many ways.

  1. Lyka Bergen says:

    No Peter North Pics? I heard he did some gay porn too. Hmmm…. this is the first post i read about him from the whole blogosphere. And its from you pa? Hmmmm. Kaw ha!

  2. mandayamoore says:

    ms lyka, sya si matt ramsey sa old M2M films

  3. hahaha. lyka, sabi ng friend ko na si kiday nagstart si peter north sa gay porn bago naging in icon na talaga sya.

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