Patti and Robert (aww..sigh)

Posted: August 14, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Stumbled Upon

malanga-patti-smith.jpgspeaking of nostalgia, i found this really cool picture of patti smith and her bestfriend (and my favorite photographers) robert mapplethorpe.

gosh. if i’ll be given a chance to pose for a photo like this, i’ll probably have a really difficult time. i’ve got wide array of gay friends (and i heart them to bits) to choose from and i just need one. sakita sa ulo uy!

poll: choose the letter of the answer you’d prefer if you were me

a) pose with all of them– meaning all the gay friends i have far and wide

b) choose kiday, my ever literate woody allen fan friend who watches cabaret and sings with lisa minelli before he sleeps

c) choose my skinny as hell-i-hate-his-body gay friend johnnypanic who used to be my student yet seems to be older than everybody else. he loves miranda july and violent movies and eats food like its the last thing that he should think of

d) choose both of kiday and johnnypanic

e) choose my mentor–gorgeous paul, a new yorker visual artist who is obsessed with michael jackson, reads donna haraway, and gave me a vintage led zeppelin shirt

f) pose alone

answer away and win a prize. ps: sorry for those names i didn’t put as a choice. the reason for that move is i didn’t want to accidentally “out” somebody. *wink

(photo grabbed from
  1. nino says:

    pose alone (that’s what you badgered me to type in here).

    but i’ll give you a reason why that may be the best answer:

    you’ll not be skinned alive! 😉

  2. mandayamoore says:

    day, daghan man siguro film ang photographer. dako pud posibilidad na digital iya cam. so all of the above na lang. human, pose pud ko uban nimo.


  3. Lyka Bergen says:

    C) Johnny Panic. Dahil sya lang ang kilala koh. At dahil skinny sya. Robert Mapplethorpe and datets!

  4. johnnypanic says:

    as in willing ako mag pose with you a la patti and robert, pero dapat makahanap tayo ng tenement somewhere sa davao na ganito ang look–as in dapat ma capture ang setting–with matching bricks and the rusted steel getaway staircase chuva and all. feeling ko meron sa uyanguren. hmmmm….

  5. kiday says:

    there’s no way i could perfect the sarah look. the one at the quay. john fowles. and be super-meta. like it’s a choice. constipation or the dingo or …(twilight zone score applies)

  6. russ says:

    si john si john si john si john si john si john…
    karon pa ko kibaw na student diay nimo si john before.hehe

  7. hmmm. tama nga naman si mandaya. go!

  8. emma says:

    this photograph is awsome, i love patti & all of her photographs are so artistic and beautiful as she and her songs are, as for robert, even if he is gay what’s the difference? the important thing is to have something in common with ur friend,always to have something to share…

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