Lipstick traces and others

Posted: August 1, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

what keeps me very excited today and (most days recently):

1. myfel just lent me a copy of greil marcus’s “lipstick traces.” the first time he mentioned this book to me, i was a bit confused so i told him i’m not familiar with it. until later, i realized that i have been reading about it as mentioned in the references or cited as reference in other sources/books on popular culture and cultural studies that i have been reading throughout the years.

2. rosanna roces in the sineserye “natutulog ba ang diyos.” she’s an actress. in the true sense of the word. maayo kaayo. i get so excited and anxious when i see her enter every frame. it’s watching cherrie gil
scheme and anticipating what she’d do next. except that rosanna offers a different side to the stereotypical tv series villain. there’s humanity in her character. very convincing humanity, indeed.

3. of course, jake cuenca is the next reason for my excitement. mabaw lagi. call me shallow, but i do get excited once i see jake onscreen. there’s something about his leading man/badboy looks that makes me gasp. he reminds of the young aga muhlach minus the boy-next-door-i’m-such-a-dork charm. but the star quality is there. and i sense a bit of jericho but with a more defined and genuine rock-and-roll attitude so unlike jericho’s pretentious rockista wannabe that often mires his pretty-boy-i-can’t-hurt-a-fly image.

4. ninotschka rosca visiting davao city today (at kanto bar). at least that’s what i heard from a reliable source.

the author of “state of war” and “twice blessed” is a legend. even if you really didn’t like her first novel or grew tired of her politics, you would really be excited to see her in person. it would be weird if you’re not. (but that’s just me) although, if you haven’t read any of her works, or refused to read them because you’re not into her anyway, then excitement is not required from you. as for me, i’m pretty much at a loss for words.


the last major source of happiness is having finished reading book 7 of the harry potter series. and i cried the whole time. so many deaths. sigh.

  1. russ says:

    hi! i got here through mybloglog.

  2. russ says:

    hi! i got here through mybloglog, made you a contact, hope you don’t mind.

  3. reefer says:

    it’s owkay. thanks for dropping by. i remember dropping by your site too. 🙂 the more the merrier. waddya think?

  4. russ says:

    my email ad: ……err.can you delete this afterwards?hihi

  5. mebuyan says:

    thanks. i’m so tanga. i forgot that you register your email address every time you post a comment. eek. that means naa na jud daan to. ehehhe

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