photographs and funerals

Posted: July 21, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations, Stumbled Upon

“Taking care of your camera: When your camera dies, first check your battery before bringing it to a certified repairman.”–from a manual

thanks to kitoy, my late photojournalist friend and colleague gene boyd’s website is up again. i stumbled on it while i was surfing the net. while doing so, i also stumbled on other “memorabilias” like the pictures bobby took during gene boyd’s funeral four years ago. (background of his death here)

among the photos, i found really disturbing are those of fellow photojournalists taking shots of boyd’s coffin. and then there’s our group photo. it was taken after the sun set and boyd’s body was finally lowered six feet under. his siblings flew balloons to the sky perhaps in search of answers. as for us, we had to take a group photo for god-knows-whatever reason. i am the skinny woman sporting a short bob trying to smile. the rest of the people in the picture are mindanews members. (those were bittersweet times) imagine how a death was able to converge and unify us all. naturally after, we slowly went back to our places like homing pigeons; and slowly grew out of each others’ lives. (just click on the picture below to get a bigger view)


looking at boyd’s photos in his website made remember how vividly i fell in love with freezing visual images in time and space. how i learned to take pictures using an old beat up canon ae-1 slr , a camera that most techie photographers would call obsolete. 🙂 how i also learned primarily to respect my subject not just from a distance but even up close. one could say that as a lover of photographs and as a hobbyist, i am a follower of the gene boyd lumawag school of photography (if there was even such a thing). 🙂

i don’t ask myself endlessly anymore why my friend died because i already found the answers to those questions. i just miss taking pictures with him.

  1. torn says:

    I am glad Gene Boyd is remembered, though I am still angry and frustrated that someone so talented should die in such a pointless way. It would be too much to hope that anyone was ever brought to justice for his murder I suppose? (Silly me, for a moment there I forgot which country I was living in.)

  2. Penelope C. Sanz says:

    you miss him huh? me too, i found myself googling “gene boyd” and found your blog after visiting some sites containing his photos. I’m going to Basilan soon…. I kept thinking about gboyd since I arrived here in DC last Monday. It has been more than a year since I visited him but whenever I pass through Cabasalan in Zamboanga Sibugay I say a prayer, and remember gboyd.

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