Conference abstract, lani misalucha and moviegoing

Posted: July 15, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations

i feel so successful today even if what i consider an achievement is just finishing a conference paper abstract for what seemed to be a very ambitious conference paper on pinoy rock music. i wish i could post it here but then i don’t want it jinxed. but since i’m a very quick to satisfy kind of person (in short mabaw ang kalipay) completing a paper abstract is a success. besides, being a closet academic, i find it really difficult to seriously intellectualize because i usually do that for kicks. musings here and there. i had to summon all my energy and attention on the paper and controlled myself from shrugging it off and saying, “next conference nalang. i’m tired.”

in a sense, writing your thoughts and claims down with theoretical framework to boot is signing up for a “lawsuit”so to speak, or opening yourself up for criticisms hurled at you once the most obvious loopholes become vivid and gaping like an open wound. but if you blog about those pa-intellectual musings, you can always retract and say, “i wasn’t serious about it,” which usually you aren’t really that serious because if you were, you’d write a paper or essay instead and publish it in the right publications.


sincerely intellectual conversations are hard to come by these days here. the only thing i could get, if i want to, are from my own little circle of three–nino, john, and douglas. otherwise, if i try to get them somewhere else, i usually get annoyed. some people just make silly comments here and there or more often than not, try to patronize you by dismissing your comments as pure drivel or worst, binata or childish. there are times when i received recurring reactions that concerns my being female–statements that point to my observations as trivial and lacking of empirical grounding since i am female and very experiential. (don’t even know what that implies…:-) )

the most annoying are those coming from pseudo marxists who are quick to label my opinions as petit-bourgeuise. anything you say that is close to post-structuralist they would often point to as “trendy” observations that lack the questions of class analysis and material production. as if i only muse over so many things to be trendy.

i got so many questions in my mind about how the world works. and i’m interested in so many things right now, like visual culture, gender studies, popular culture studies and even the production behind cultural artifacts like the lani misalucha homecoming concert shown recently on tv.  those aren’t just for the sake of following trends in knowledge production, mind you. these interests stem usually from my constant pursuit for answers about how the world works.


speaking of lani misalucha, i noticed that her voice has become a bit gahi. i kind of miss the fluidity of her voice when she was still based in the country. i wonder if her voice got affected by the shows she had to do almost daily in vegas. lea salonga once said that singing almost everyday, especially in stage musicals, is punishing to one’s voice.

however, lani is still one of my favorite filipino female singers in the contemporary pinoy music scene. i find her humor quite engaging actually. and i’m sure my gay friends loved that part in her show where she impersonated some popular singers like celine dion and whitney houston. she got houston down to voice and hand gestures and quivering lips. i thought she looked like a very beautiful drag queen. and that’s NOT meant to be an insult.

my favorite act in the concert though was when she sang that song from the musical rama  and sita. nino told me it was written following the convention of the kundiman. knowing that, i felt really proud of original pinoy music. the song made me cry. and not all beautifully-written songs render me tearful. just the ones that contain melodic sublimity.


lastly, i can’t wait to watch the latest harry potter movie. last saturday, we decided not to watch the movie because the line was so long and a sign saying “no seats available, standing only” was put up the ticket counter. i wanted to wait for the people to slowly go away, but then when we came back to check on the line again, they were still there buying tickets. what i hate most about moviegoing is the hassle that comes with loud audience, especially children, and crowded seats.

although the last time i watched a movie in the packed theater was a week ago when my sisters and i watched the “transformers.” the crowd wasn’t annoying. and i guess i didn’t notice them since i was so engrossed with the movie. it’s the first movie in a long time, that i was engrossed with from start to finish. i never even got off my seat or looked around. i just stared at the screen, wide-eyed and jumped on my seat everytime fight sequences start.

that’s true moviegoing experience for you. 🙂

  1. inal says:

    lani misalucha the best!

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