blast from the past

Posted: June 10, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Stumbled Upon

“there’s dust on my guitar you suck!”– the Murmurs

oh my gawd! no wonder Alice Pieszecki in the L word looks very familiar. the actress Leisha Hailey who plays alice’s character (one of my favorite characters in the show because she’s downright funny and perky quirky) was one of the members of the 90s cult alternative duo The Murmurs! (the band later became Gush up until Hailey joined the L word)

almost any girl i know who listens to alternative, rock music by especially female musicians has definitely heard of The Murmurs. any Lilith Fair fan would also remember the duo knowing that they performed in the 2001 Lilith Fair. and any person who has listened to at least one Murmurs album would have one favorite Murmurs song. one of my favorites was Wastin Time. that song reminds me of a lot of things but specifically one afternoon at my friend Jesselle’s house smoking cigarettes and discussing a reading on Plato mixed with topics like Sound Garden’s former frontman Chris Cornell’s intense eyes and sexy pouting lips.

and of course, there’s the popular song You Suck. that song is unforgettable in so many ways.

interestingly, Leisha Hailey is currently making an album under her new band Uh-Huh-Her, which reminds me of PJ Harvey’s recent album title. i wonder if Hailey’s band name was inspired by Harvey.

above all, it’s such a treat knowing that popculture figures you grew up with can actually grow old with you too. 🙂 something that lille would understand. (read her entry on evan dando here)

addition: and guess what Hailey is a huge fan of Manchester United and she toured around Europe just to watch all their games. crazy, huh?

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