regarding yoyoy (part 2)

Posted: May 19, 2007 in All and Sundry, Music Reviews, Musings


TAGAY TA YOY! yoyoy and me over bottles of beer. photo by skippy lumawag

nth recently commented in my previous blog entry that yoyoy is “poco” or his works can be considered postcolonial, and i agree with this observation. this streak of postcolonial subversion is quite evident in the song “magellan,” which is a song that chronicles the beginnings of our colonial history, the discovery of the Philippines by magellan. interestingly such story, based on the accounts of the battle between lapu-lapu and magellan, started out as a narrative of rebellion and resistance against colonial rule.

this is where the emphasis on the battle between brave lapu-lapu and whimpy magellan, who cried out in the song “oh mother mother i am sick,oh call the doctor very quick,” after he got hit in the neck, plays a significant part in embedding such narrative of resistance in our psyche.

i remembered the entire story of the discovery of the philippines because of yoyoy villame’s “magellan” song. it stuck in my mind mainly because it told a story of my ancestors’ bravery. as an impressionable child, that grand narrative of resistance mattered the most.

who would have expected that i learned how to memorize facts in history class because of yoyoy villame. i guess only those who experienced the same thing, genXers like me out there who grew up with yoyoy’s magellan playing in the radio, would perhaps nod in agreement.

this is the reason why i found it hard to contain myself when i met yoyoy villame three years ago in a resort owned by a former celebrity turned mayor somewhere in glan, davao del sur.


l to r: me, jojie, lovely, mayor, and yoyoy. photo by skippy lumawag

that night at the cottage facing an unforgettably pristine coastline, i just simply wanted to strike a conversation with him about his music but i couldn’t because i really thought that he might think that i sound like a typical showbiz reporter. i must have appeared quite stupid and “kill joy” at the time, because i had preferred to sit in the cottage while skippy and my other companions from the provincial tourism office were gallivanting by the seashore. but heck, it was yoyoy, and i didn’t want to pass up the chance.

i really couldn’t remember now exactly everything we talked about that night. random conversation occurred between us over bottles of san miguel beer. what i can only recall talking to him about was the cebu music scene and jr. kilat. he was the first to mention the band and its frontman budoy, and he kept on saying that the group plays good music. however, when i told him that he was one of the band’s main influences, yoyoy was quick to shrug off this kind of idolatry and retorted with a joke that made me giggle.

in person, yoyoy was actually a quiet man. this is what i have observed in the few hours we spent together. he’s not as garrulous as we sometimes expeced him to be, comedian that he was. although, there were no dull moments in our conversation simply because he always had witty repartes in his bag of tricks.

that night, i did want to tell yoyoy how much i appreciated his music and how much he had also influenced my way of seeing my culture in general. but i couldn’t. as always, in the company of a comedian, such serious attempts at pontifications are masked simply by sheer laughter in true visayan fashion.

so in true visayan fashion, i’ll just have to “sing On March 16, 1521, when Philippines was discovered by Magellan/they were sailing day and night across the big ocean/Until they saw a small Limasawa island….”

thus, ends my tribute. 🙂 good bye yoyoy villame and thank you for the gift of songs.

  1. johnnypanic says:

    you met a legend mam. how sad that he’s left us and his “pilipins” for good…

  2. himantayon says:

    naguol jud mi nga nitaliwan na ang among idol :(..

  3. kitoy says:

    una jud sulod sa isip ko pagkita ko ani…nag-abot ang mga palahubog!!!!!!!! hehehe

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