Penne for the Soul

Posted: May 5, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

penne in cancan saucearound four years ago when i was in between jobs and trying  to do some soul-searching, i was convinced that i could be a vegetarian gourmet cook.

i cooked almost everyday using about five vegetarian cookbooks and in the process realized that i was more into cooking pastas and salads. i was obsessed with cooking, specifically, cooking the vegetarian way. no pork. no beef. just veggies and a collection of really “dependable” herbs and spices.

because i cooked almost everyday, thrice each day, i gradually grew tired of it. since i have cooked about 90% of the dishes found in the cookbooks, i also grew a bit bored. then i became too busy with work and couldn’t even gather enough energy to cook dinner for myself.

these days, my sisters and friends would sometimes prod me to cook my favorite recipes again. when i sometimes find the inspiration and motivation to finally cook, i could see their happy reactions transparently in the way they beam when they eat what i have prepared. perhaps, they feel lucky that i gave them the time.

thus is the reason why i decided to cook for my sisters on their 21st birthday mini lunch party. (the lunch party was actually a day late. it was mini because there were only 5 of us around: me, nino, my twin sisters rose and pearl and their friend hazel)

because i haven’t cooked for a while, i just decided to cook one of my favorites: penne in cancan sauce. this one i can cook eyes closed (no kidding) because i have memorized the recipe by heart and have even done modifications of the recipe after doing some experimentations. this is also one of the pasta recipes that’s quick to cook. cheap. yet requires a bit of taste testing, right timing, and a good amount of herbs and spices that will put everything together like an organically unified poem.

the joy of cooking is something i can’t explain as of the moment. i can only invoke isabel allende’s book on cooking entitled “aphrodite” once you ask me to explain. everything that book says speaks true to me.

but what is so clear to me is the joy of watching the faces of the people you cooked for as they take a bite of the dish. this time the pasta was for my sisters, for good luck and healthy, contented souls. such was the gift of food i offered.

  1. leicia says:

    penge recipe mam! looks appetizing.. i can add it to my single mastered pasta dish – tuna pasta with herbs =)

  2. moonjunkie says:

    yum yum… it actually tastes better than it looks. i spent half binging on it. wahahahah

  3. to leicia: okay. will give recipe to you. dali lang man. although some of the ingredients can be a bit expensive like olives, capers and cooking wine. but oks lang.;-)

  4. weave says:

    may i have the recipe too plssss? it looks soooo yummy!=D

  5. ella says:

    WOAH. For about ten seconds I just stared at the picture. Now I’m tempted to cook pasta. 🙂 When I was sixteen I wanted to be a vegetarian, but then I thought about adobo and not being able to eat adobo again, and I gave it up. I still feel bad when I’m eating meat dishes though, hahaha.

  6. chill whiner says:

    i’d rather ask you to cook for me rather than for you to give me the recipe heheheh…with the way you talk about the dish, looks like it’s going to be a great for me soon?:)

  7. freshroses says:

    yummy..more pene..more want some pene!!hehhe…i also miss the other dish u made that was really spicey..i forgot the name of the dish

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