Posted: April 25, 2007 in All and Sundry, Rants

Pronunciation: ri-'bär-b&-tiv
Function: adjective
Etymology: French rébarbatif, from Middle French, from rebarber to be repellent, from re- + barbe beard, from Latin barba — more at BEARD
re·bar·ba·tive·ly adverb

(from merriam webster’s online)

this is the most appropriate adjectivet that modifies the secretary of justice when he appeared on national tv last night declaring that he is going to give P10,000 to each baranggay captain in a certain town to ensure a 12-0 win in favor of team unity (the administration’s senatorial ticket).

listening to him say this upfront made me want to cry. and after a few seconds, i did cry out of irritation and utter frustration at the whole system pervaded by crooks. i cried because i was so mad at the secretary of justice for having the gall, thick-faced as he is, to bluntly say that giving P10,000 pesos to each baranggay captain is “not vote-buying” because he is “not a candidate running for office.”

mr. justice secretary, what’s happening to your head? have you forgotten that you represent one of the most powerful government office in the land? an office that’s supposed to uphold justice above all else. haven’t you forgotten the reason why the lady justice symbol wears a blindfold?

i am deeply aghast. however you see it mr. secretary of justice giving money to baranggay leaders is still vote-buying. clearly, the act implies that you are no longer neutral, hence, you can no longer be trusted. you are a taint to this already tainted administration. and i am very disgusted at your actions, even the way you acted or handled yourself on national tv.

stop this whole charade.   stop this nonsense. and just get down to business. tend to your own desk! the pile of papers on top of it must be gathering so much dust.

  1. clee says:

    Na mao! We need to expurgate these demons. Come elections, Philippines is anything but.

  2. iceyfresh says:

    maybe he’s secretly pro-GO. perhaps he just said that to make peole even more angry w/ the administration.

    just an opposing thought 😛

  3. well if that’s the case. he shoul learn to more careful with what he says on tv still. i mean, he doesn’t represent himself when he’s out there. he represents an office. sigh.. dunno what to believe anymore. 🙂

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