Summer Lovin’

Posted: April 17, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

summer classes have started. don’t know if i should let out a scream. but hey, i’m smiling.
i’m teaching basic composition writing to freshmen students here, as well as, english grammar for summer bridge enrollees.

gawd! i’m not a grammarian. but i agreed to teaching grammar to incoming freshmen students who were deemed to be deficient in english in the upcat because i initially wanted to brush up on my grammar too. now, i’m having second thoughts after discovering that i’ll be teaching around 30 students. *roll eyeballs* i just have to convince myself that i am doing something noble. *humbug!*

i anticipate that i’ll enjoy my basic composition writing class or ah1 this summer. it will be my first time to teach this subject and i’m quite excited. this will be the best time for me to take out all the teaching materials i saved from silliman and use them here. i wonder why no one has ever thought of using those strategies when teaching ah1 here. oh well…

my students are wide-eyed young ones who are often afraid of writing. understandably so because they’re forced to write in english, their second language, and a language that can sometimes be very alien to them.

english is alienating even to me.

perhaps, this is my challenge. i plan to journey with them in journaling. and maybe we can gradually be accustomed to using the language. “it’s like getting to know a new friend,” i told them.

this is probably going to be an exciting yet tiring summer. life isn’t that colorful these days. i still live a quotidian existence. but who else doesn’t?

as of the moment, i am contented with deriving pleasure out of living vicariously through the experiences of the characters in my favorite tv series Heroes and Veronica Mars.

  1. jazzonthursday says:

    claire! i think my sis’ going to be one of your students in the summer bridge hehehe šŸ™‚ it just feels weird how fast they grow up…and we’re growing old. oh well.

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