My New Filipina Idol

Posted: April 17, 2007 in All and Sundry, Art Attacks, dance, Musings, performance art, Stumbled Upon

donnamiranda2.jpgher name is donna miranda and she is a woman after my own heart.

finally, i found a filipina performance artist i can relate with! (not that i can dance as good as her.) what makes her interesting to watch is her affinities with other art media: multimedia art, sound and physical theater. the last one is something i’m really interested in pursuing lately. there’s just a few interdisciplinary/multimedia artists i know that explores the themes i like. finally, i can place donna alongside miranda and geejay.

donna miranda just won jury prize in the yokohama soloxduo dance competition this year. here’s a short write-up about her that i grabbed from the japan foundation website:

Miranda performed her original work “Beneath polka-dotted skies.”

Donna MIRANDA is an independent dance artist in the Philippines with no dance company affiliation. She has studied at the Philippine High School for the Arts, Ballet Philippines, and, in 2005, received specialized training in contemporary dance through the Web Europe Scholarship Program. Since then she has been actively involved in multimedia projects that explore new possibilities through works that combine contemporary dance, new media, fusion, physical theater, narrative, and sound. In 2000, she also became one of the founders of the Green Papaya Art Project, which is building a research platform for contemporary dance in Manila through its anatomy projects (AP+).

watch her dance in pablo biglang-awa jr’s short video “make me a child’s outfit in adult size” here

and by the way, her impressive curricullum vitae that shows her wide range of experience as a performer can be found here. get this: SHE JUST USED TO DANCE WITH MYRA BELTRAN. i *heart* her to bits.

  1. Lyka Bergen says:

    Sa pangalan pa lang ay… Bongga na!

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