My Dad’s “Pacman” Passion

Posted: April 15, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

I feel so much better now because my Dad is in town.

I’ve been feeling this gnawing guilt about not being able to go home to Cagayan de Oro during Holy Week, what with my only brother visiting from Dumaguete for the first time in four years with his family. Also, it was supposedly the first time we were going to be spending time as a “complete” family and all because of me, that didn’t happen. I had my reasons and one of them is that I couldn’t travel long hours in a bus due to my condition. I’m not allowed to be sitting for more than an hour. Davao to CDO is around five to seven hours so you do the math.

Anyway, my family didn’t make such a big fuss out of it. But I felt a bit guilty for not being there still.

Now, everything’s okay because my Dad is here in Davao. He’s just stopping by after a business trip. And he had a wonderful time watching the Manny Pacquiao bout in some billiard hall down in the Mintal market area. He said he paid 100pesos for an airconditioned room just to watch the live feed. My sister Rose who’s also a fan of Pacman watched with him. She told me my Dad easily made friends with the “tambays” in the area. So typical. 🙂

A “non-fan” that I am, it was funny how I was able to control myself not to crack sarcastic jokes about Pacquiao and his candidacy. I didn’t want to spoil my Dad’s happiness over Pacman’s win. He was so happy.

I just realized I miss listening to my Dad talk about sports. We use to do that when I was younger. Anything about sports. Any sport. He always had this knack for studying the mechanics of each sport he gets interested in despite the fact that he is a major basketball fan.

During the late 80s and early 90s, I remember my father constantly lecturing to me the value of Larry Bird’s plays. My father was the first die-hard Celtics fan I met. He hated flare, and was more into style, technique, and mind-games. “Scientific bah!” he’d say out loud. Perhaps, that’s probably the reason why he likes Pacman. My father always have a heart for athletes who could explain what they’re doing, who are sportsmen in the true sense of the word.

And as expected, my father explained to us why Pacman won today. I just listened and enjoyed every bit of it. Once, when we were riding around CDO, we were on the subject of boxing in the Philippines, and my Dad suddenly told me that he used to judge for amateur boxing tournaments. To me, that somehow explained why he knows the terms. So from then on, I just listened when he talks about boxing.

Tonight, while eating dinner I asked him if he was still into watching NBA and if he had favorite players. While he said yes to the first question, he successfully dodged the last one and didn’t tell me who his favorites are. Every time I drop a name “Lebron James” “Iverson” “Kobe” “Dirk,” my Dad just muttered: “Yeah yeah…sila na mga maayo karun (they’re the good players these days).”  No sign of the kind of excitement he had when talking about Bird or Magic Johnson.

Perhaps, every ounce of excitement he now devotes to Pacman.

Well, I just miss that kind of talk. 🙂

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