Juvenalia #1 (circa 1997)

Posted: April 1, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Poetry & Verse, Stumbled Upon

since i just turned 30, indulge me a little in a game of nostalgia. i was cleaning my room yesterday and i found several works of juvenilia in my collection. (i’m a major pack rat. if some people collect cards, stamps, or even trolls, i collect papers, pieces of memory in napkins, bondpapers, small notebooks, and even in cigarette foils.) my juvenalia consists of not only poems i wrote as a teenager swimming in the unknown waters of a creative writing degree, but pictures of paintings i did, the first illustrations i made for a brochure on whales and dolphins, and other curio items.

below is a poem i wrote during the up national writers workshop held in samal island in 1997. this one made me smile. i have never expected that 10 years after my first visit in davao city, i would end up living and working here. 🙂 life is full of surprises, really.

i didn’t revise or edit the poem because i wanted to post it as is. feel free to laugh, or smirk at it. after all, it’s juvenalia. wink. (only sylvia plath can create superb works considered to be juvenalia. i am not sylvia and will never be.)


(samal island, october 1997)

you’ll never know

what hit you

that afternoon

at the beach

under the shade

of sunglasses,

your dog eyes

seized the merchandise

walking under the sun:

bronzed bodies

clad in string bikinis

you are certain

they carry price tags


chapped lips

moisten as your

tongue plays

with your mind

scenes from movies

you feel

something boiling

between your legs

and you wonder:

is it the sun’s rays

beating against your head?

or the heat of the sand

burning your boxers?

under the shade,

even your eyes squint

when they’re not supposed to

*so i decided that starting today, i’ll be posting some of my juvenalia which i’d like to share. knowing that the reading public has discriminating taste, i’d like to take my chances. besides, i’ll never really know for sure if i have gotten over juvenalia anyway. 🙂


  1. clee says:

    Now we’re all highlighted; garbed and glaring, in post calendar glib: our wonderful (and sometimes mundane) lives. Here’s to Thirty and the expectations of beyond! :p

  2. babychaos says:

    Jeez, I’m on the brink of 40…. erk!



  3. bisaya says:

    char! whats with the 30ish issue?parang isa ka sa mga karakter ng “Last Order sa Penguin” ni Chris Martinez…hehehe

    and here i am blabbering when in fact im turning 24 two months from now. huhuhu

  4. hoy bisaya! wag komontra. big deal ang 30 no! watch out when you reach that age. makapaminsar jud ka. hahaha.:-)

  5. JP says:


    I searched for my name and I found it here in your blog. and then this poem!

    before i say anything more, may i know you first?


  6. mebuyan says:

    to JP: what’s your name? i can’t answer your question if i don’t know your full name. perhaps, i stumbled upon your blog somewhere. where did you see your name in my blog? if you don’t want to answer my question online, you can email me at: jeanclairedy@gmail.com 🙂

  7. JP says:


    I am one of those invited to the 14th INWW. Name is JP Anthony…for English poetry from the Visayas. I am also a fellow to the 37th Likhaan, of which you are also but from different batch, right?

    Yes, I also have a blog here in wordpress at pilarcapiz and I am not sure if you have stumbled upon it. If you have searched for articles about cesar montano, manny pacquiao or christian bautista, maybe you were led there.

    As to your poem above, if you can write like that ten years ago, I wonder how you write at present. I am very curious. Can I read one of your favorites and later poems?

    Great to meet you.

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