Should you trust your Doctor 100%?

Posted: March 31, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, Random Observations, Rants

again? yes, again. i pose this question to myself and to others who will be reading this blog entry.

this is after my doctor gave me a prescription for BACLOFEN, a drug for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, for me drink three times a day. when i later checked the internet to research the components of this medicine, i discovered that it should be taken with care because if a patient abruptly stops medication, he/she will experience HALLUCINATIONS and SEIZURES.

this after the said doctor also gave me a prescription for BRAGAL, which i later discovered was phased out for reasons i don’t know. what i was curious about was my doctor’s ignorance on this matter. you don’t prescribe a drug that has long been phased out to your patients, just like that.

tell me, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

i didn’t drink my medicine and decided to just deal with my chronic pain despite the fact that it has given me daily migraines and mood swings.

last night, i saw parts of the cautionary documentary film “selling sickness” on tv and i was reminded of my experiences with doctors and medicines. it’s a long history of connivance and indifference actually. and if i write everything that happened to me for the last ten years including the different medicines that i took almost every day in those years to manage my pains and sickness, you would be shocked.

i simply anticipate that by the time i reach 40 or 50, i’d be reaping what my doctors sow. all those medicines aren’t the basic over the counter ones and most of them have side effects. for instance, one of the drugs i was taking for more than five years was suddenly taken out of the market because studies have proven that it can stimulate psychosis among patients and sometimes aggravate manic depression.

the documentary “selling sickness” focuses on how america’s obsession to pathologize any eccentric or idiosyncratic behavior as a disorder has led to the country’s growing reliance on anti-depressants. but some of these anti-depressants caused more harm to the patients leading them to the point of suicide. the film actually explores this sick relationship between society, medical science, and the pharmaceutical industry. a very sick capitalist relationship, if you ask me, where the human body lies in the heart of this scheme and is an inextricable part of this whole trade of selling sickness.

the truth is that your/our/my body is the battle ground. (if i may appropriate barbara kruger)

this statement from kruger resonates in me more than ever because of what my experiences have emphasized. clearly, medical science, specifically western medicine, cannot be trusted. this whole idea of doctors being infallible because their work is founded on the basis of hard science is a lie that we have to unmask. it is also an idea that we have to challenge. patients should also be empowered to believe that they can make informed decisions.

but ideas don’t die that easily, but we (humans that we are) do. so be careful. don’t pop that pill just yet. think.

  1. liguified says:

    my mother is a strong believer of balanced diet, herbal medicine and water therapy. 🙂

  2. leicia says:

    i can offer you my orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion =) he’s nice and seems to really care for his patients…

  3. yes, i believe in herbal and alternative medicine. add meditation and self-healing to that.

    to leicia: thanks. let’s talk. what i do need right now is a good physical therapist.:-)

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