Doctor, Here’s My Pain

Posted: March 26, 2007 in All and Sundry, Rants

because a so-called spine expert/ orthopedic in the best davao hostpital (and by best i mean expensive and does not necessarily provide humane and reliable health care) here just dismissed my pain today by saying i should avoid being too active because “you’re not getting any younger, you’re thirty better accept it,” (how ageist of him by the way) instead of telling me how to deal with my pain by making my body stronger, i will locate my pain for him.

doctor doctor, my pain is in my piriformis and the surrounding muscles in my left buttock. i have endlessly searched for that pain and have located it. thanks to people who encouraged me to own my pain and find it. here it is doctor, take a fucking good look!


and because you never tried to listen to me, just like all the other doctors i went to except for one female neurologist, i will not listen to you too. aren’t you ashamed of yourself? it’s no wonder why you couldn’t give me a clear/definite diagnosis because we just spent five minutes with each other! you half-listening while i try to explain my history. and to think i spent 400 bucks for that kind of check-up. every five minute check-up is 400 bucks?! how can that be, doctor herr doctor?

i’m too tired to rant. next time, i will write everything that all you so-called experts did in the name of money.

when you’re sick, everything just dawns on you that if you’re poor, you can never get the best health care in this country. will definitely blog about that and how even the so-called best private hospitals here aren’t that excellent after all. as what usually turns out, government hospitals in rare cases, are even better. 😛

*image grabbed from wikipedia entry on piriformis muscle

  1. JerryWho says:

    does that mean you will get well soon, really really soon?

  2. leicia says:

    omg ma’am claire, kawawa ka naman… remember my slight scolio? got a 2nd opinion from DOH. guess what? im freaking normal! with no abnormality whatsoever…gad..the emotional stress and mental agony ive been through! and the first was from a private clinic pa ha…

  3. liguified says:

    same thing happened to me! one doctor didnt even ask about my medical history. heler! what if im allergic to certain meds, di ba? and if i do ask questions about my illness, i usually get VAGUE answers. mas marami pa akong natutunan sa pagbrowse ko sa internet kaysa sa kanila. mas mura pa!

  4. sam says:

    Claire… you have not told us that you will get well…

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