What do you say to that?

Posted: March 18, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

“the hongkies can do mob films better…” this is what my producer/videographer friend jerrywho said to me after telling me that he and smoothriver recently met up with infernal affairs director andrew lau in china. and even had dinner with the director after his lecture. see their story here.

tell me, how does a martin scorsese fan, who grew up with hollywood and italian mob films, who adored scarface and wanted to marry al pacino when she barely had boobs reply to that?


why nothing, you might ask…

because this blogger hasn’t seen much of hongkong mob films. the only hongkong movies i grew up with were martial arts ones starring moon lee, cynthia luster to name a few, and not to mention, jet lee in the ever beloved once upon a time in china series.

and because this blogger, has been dying to watch infernal affairs since she was informed about it. the critics have raved about it. the reviews from friends were positive. some say, it’s even better than the departed.

so this blogger thinks liguefied is right. there’s so much to discover in asian cinema. beyond wong kar wai. beyond zang yimou. beyong chang kaige. beyond all these film school crap you get to read about and listen to being talked about in “filmlovers circles” here: “oh that movie was in cannes…blah blah blah…” i’m so sick and tired of these frenchies and euros ruling my world.

i want more.

disclaimer: this is not to say that i’m ditching martin for good. 😉

  1. lost says:

    there’s a world to discover in your neighborhood’s video shop. go past the hollywood blockbuster movies on the front display rack and go somewhere near the tagalog movies and you’ll find that hongkong movies and taiwan movies, and sometimes mainland movies too — not necessarily of the zhang yimou kind, are right there under your nose. then of course there’s victoria mall and mantex where you’ll find yourself salivating once you acquire the taste of chinese film cuisine. not the siopao kind.

  2. lost says:

    you may also find martin rather bland after sampling some of the chinese dishes 😉

  3. clee says:

    It’s high time that Filipinos SHOULD AND WOULD break into the molds of creating GROUNDBREAKING, WORLD CLASS FILMS. But how? Given the current situation in our movie industry.

  4. oh i caveat: my friend kiday just told me that andrew lau was also influenced by martin. 😉

  5. madwoman1986 says:

    i remember airo telling me he has a copy of infernal affairs.

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