Because March 25 is nearing…

Posted: March 10, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

… and i can’t possibly stop myself from aging, it’s time to think of how i’m going to spend my 30th birthday. friends say it’s supposed to be a life-changing, definitive number while some artist friends, a taoist, and a zen believer earnestly told me it’s just a number. either way, i say, what the heck, make it one unforgettable birthday just like how i spent certain other birthdays unforgettably. 18th was damn wonderful: i got a nosering. 25th was traumatic. so 30 must be a little of both. maybe…

here is one hell of a wish:

i desperately want to watch the reggae festival in manila where according to chocolateliprookie, jr. kilat (my kilat friends) will be performing with (tada!) ziggy (fucking) marley! this is going to be on the 24th, the day before my birthday. what wonderful way to spend your natal day than to just chill after a night of dancing with rastas and rasta wannabes, drenched in sweat, grooving with booze on the side and listening to the son of legendary Bob Marley. how cool is that?

except that i have to have money, lotsa money for that wish to come true. otherwise, i’ll stay here and rot in envy. plane fares to manila are damn expensive. plus, the concert tickets are way way way expensive too. argh… even chocolateliprookie had to suggest meshuggah (read:me) to ask my kilat friends for help. of course, i knew they couldn’t do anything to help me get tickets. when i texted one of them, he replied: “check out mtv phils for details nalang. we really don’t know where to get the tix…” you can never get tickets for free to a concert featuring an international musician. ziggy my dears is a legend himself; a world-reknowned musician. and if you are as popular and as talented as ziggy, i bet you are pretty much expensive.
chocolateliprookie: “claire please! use ur super freakin powers! that’s fucking ziggy marley! oh please shuggah, make me proud!”

honey, i feel you. but unfortunately, my powers, as it turned out isn’t that strong. it has limits, you know. “but can’t we get a backstage pass or something?” chocolateliprookie pleaded. my heart wept. not even THAT, i believe. disappointing as it is, i won’t stop wishing in the succeeding days that somebody, a kind soul perhaps, would sponsor my trip. *guffaw* i mean, as chocolateliprookie said, it’s fucking ziggy marley for god’s sake!

if worse comes to worse, and i don’t get what i want:

i’ll probably choose other options. one is to use my first ever credit card on a really uber cute pair of brown leather mary janes at doc martens that costs around 4 thousand pesos. if ever i get to buy it, it will be my first expensive pair of shoes, topping the black sandals from hush puppies. but then, buying shoes isn’t as wicked as watching a reggae concert. then there’s another option which is a trip to bacolod to visit my good friend bombee, who i can easily convince to accompany me to boracay for a dip. but then…


i’ll think of something perfect for my perfect birthday.

  1. clee says:

    Try singing the whole lyrics of our Alma Mater song while you skin-dive in Boracay! Tee-hee. Happy (ADVANCE) BEERDAY, CLAIRE! All the bests for you this year! MWAH! — clee

  2. madwoman1986 says:

    Advance happy birthday Claire! Enjoy your birthday!

  3. Gina mos says:

    hi Clairski! belated happy birthday! i was wondering how come you didn’t text me about the ziggy marley tickets?!! we had one extra ticket on that day (entire band was just given 2 complimentary tickets) We only got it the day before when we arrived in manila. mehn! do you still have my number? its still the same one as before. Please text me yours, as i threw my fone out of a fit and darn, i lost all my contacts. I really need an anger management class. bwehehe! seriously…knowing now how much you wanted to go, the band will make it up to you next time somehow. hey! change topic sa, since i’m here now, i’m getting married na on april 28th! any chance you’ll be in cebu? check out our wed site at the site is still unfinished yet. you’ll find my soulmate there. 😀 wishing you’ve found yours already..if not, you my dear cosmic angel is bound to be paired off with an equally special person. just walk the path and you’ll eventually find each other. take care! tight hugs from Gina 🙂

  4. hi gina, darn! you had tickets. sigh. oh well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

    yes, i’ll probably be in cebu on the 28th… i’ll definitely go to your wedding basta naa sand ug sand unya i dos. hahaha. *hugs*

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