Header Mania

Posted: March 4, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

head·er (hĕd’ər) pronunciation
1. One that fits a head on an object.
4. A floor or roof beam placed between two long beams that supports the ends of the tailpieces.

it all started a few weeks ago. i was checking my students’ blogs for cw101 (yes, i’m forcing them to blog) and i noticed that 1000things kept changing his blog’s header. the last one he had was a drawing of two stick figures, a girl and a boy, floating in a sea of blue bubbles. the image was accompanied with the text: “you had me at hello.”

the header reminded me so much of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind; so light, so whimsical, so nostalgic, that i felt really envious because i couldn’t come up with a cool header such as the one he created.(yes, teachers sometimes are jealous of their students’ attempts)

then early this weekend, i checked his blog again and found out he had already changed his header yet again. this time, it is now a black and white picture of a couple locked in passionate embrace amidst blurred images of passersby.

it was then that i felt compelled to transform my blog header into something i’ll be happy about like the way i feel when i look at my 1000things’ header. or into something, as recursive commented, that would reflect the contents of my personal blog.

whoa! it wasn’t an easy task since i always ran out of patience when it comes to doing computerized art works (im so old school), but it was fun altogether. (note to self: i realized that computer graphics takes a different kind of aesthetics that has to be learned also just like how you learned to create beauty in paintings, in mixed media installations, or sculpture.)

my current header is a photoshop modified portrait that johnnypanic took of me a few nights ago while we were at dunkin donuts drinking hot choco at 2 am. originally, the picture was supposed to be part of the photo collage/sculptures i was planning to work on this summer for a collection. but i decided to use it as my header because when recursive and i looked at it, somehow it made us smile. recursive egged me to use it right away.

then, because photoshop is a wonderful invention, i was able to retain my title with a few tweaks here and there knowing that wordpress (another cool invention) would still allow me to use my tagline: “because i’m the perfect drug” just so i can make trent reznor happy. *wish*

a new blog template and a new header makes my blog seem new.

johnnypanic commented that my header looks like an album cover. *bow bow* thanks, that was the idea anyway. if i can’t be a rockstar like tori, i might as well live it out in cyberspace. *wink*

i was quite anxious though about using my portrait again. people might think i’m very narcissistic. but then again, the whole idea of a personal blog published in cyberspace is a narcissistic thing to begin with, so i decided to just be consistent. 😛

while i was at it, and on a creative roll so to speak, i then went on to change my other blog’s header and template. written silences is a repository of my published works–ones that i managed to restore from corrupted files or ones that i accidentally lost and found in the net (thanks to google). i guess, it’s time this blog gets hits too. *guffaw*

i’ll probably continue on experimenting with my other blogs in the succeeding days (that is if i have time, since hell month is here). cw101 still needs a make-over. and there’s no activity in my genlit blog. then there’s the ba english program blog i had just created that needs a personality change.

hmm… if blogging were a job, i’d probably be happy to apply.

  1. ella says:

    i love your new lay out, wheeeeeeee! 🙂

  2. thanks ella! i love it too. finally, i got what i wished for. i’m happy that you’re back to blogging also.at least i get to read more updates about your life. 🙂

  3. Ian says:

    i have header image addiction. i change mine twice a week.

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