When Boxers Decide to Run for Office…

Posted: March 2, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

then it shall be the day the Circus came to town. Bahktin would be smiling down on us in this carnival where “freaks of nature” are set for paid displays in rainbow tents and ghost rides are half as scary as the oldest episodes of tales of the creep. the ferris wheel will reach every cycle. the merry go round will go round and round. the painted ponies that never age will offer us kitsch. and confettis will rain endlessly on us drowning our faces in mock celebrations.

fortunately, the filipino boxer who’s only weapon is his world boxing championship belt, decided NOT to run for office. his advisers weren’t as foolish as Yorick after all. it was a good decision unless they’re ready to serve our boxing hero’s head on a plate for hungry wolves to feed on.

Hamlet may have been indecisive and more often than not, obsessed with himself, but he was not stupid as to not shield himself with the blind loyalty of a friend. Horatio’s wisdom may have been wont of humor but he was earnest if not too earnest.

good thing, the boxer may have found his Horatio. or if not, perhaps, a Greek chorus on stilts walking around rainbow tents? hail the king of boxing! hope your principles would be as strong your fist!

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