Sinews of Syllables

Posted: February 19, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings, performance art


since i still can’t blog about how happy i am with how “sinews of syllables” really ended, i’ll just post the poster in this space while waiting for some pictures my good photographer friends took during the show. *holler! gimme some copies fast will yah. *bat eyelashes*

( note: itwas a success despite a few heart-stopping, psycho gliches before the show started.)

favorite lines from selected poems in the show:
1. “you said the anger would come back just as the love did”- Again and Again by Anne Sexton

2. “i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead/ i think i made you up inside my head”- MadGirl’s Love Song by Sylvia Plath

3. “for i have fallen under the surface of your love”- Song by Cesar Ruiz Aquino

(gosh! this last one is a no brainer. i wish someone would write lines like this for me and really mean it without sounding cheezy.)

definitely i was happy with how it all turned out. i’ll probably gather enough strength to be able to write a gushing entry on it since i’m still very overwhelmed these days considering that we only got to prepare everything (rehearsals and all) in two weeks. the most amazing part of it is that it DID HAPPEN. and that really blew me away because i have been conceptualizing activities like these in my mind since i began working in UPMin three years ago and never got anywhere than verbalizing it. before, no one had the same energy and passion as i have. it’s a good thing that john and nino were around this time to help make this idea come into fruition.

of course, i am also grateful for the support of students who were cooperative enough to help complete the show. usually when we talk of performance poetry, people always have this idea that you read the poem out loud and do antics at the same time. my idea of performance poetry is different this time. i wanted my students to rehearse the performance of the poem, to memorize the lines and deliver them theatrically. the reader transforms into the character, the role, which is actually the speaker in the poem.

hence, the practices. hence, the long hours of directing students how to say lines and mean them. hence, the added stress…

*will be posting pictures of the show soon. meantime, i’ll probably just shut up to keep myself from barking praises. you might think i’m bragging…

  1. trix says:

    claire! i completely missed that date!… =( my loss i know. the bjork take sounded so intriguing pa naman sana.. anyway, congratulations with your production.. hope you’ll run it again…

  2. claire the cat says:

    lagi trix. should have seen it. ehehe. i mean if youre bjork fan, you’d love what i did to her song. char! not that im bragging. next time ha…

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