A Valentines Rant :-(

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Rants

“Is this love then, this red material/ Issuing from the steel needle that flies so blindingly?”– Sylvia Plath

*had friggin bad night. slept at 4 am and woke up really early for my 8:30 am creative writing 101 class. took a quick bath with my eyes half-closed. i had to pinch myself several times to prevent myself from dozing off in the shower. decided to wear an angry color and i thought:RED. saw my newly bought red polo shirt with a graphic skull printed at the back, along with the text: “hell raiser, loyal to none.” thought it was cool. so i wore it to school.

took the habal-habal and arrived in a jiffy. then one of my colleagues said out loud when we crossed paths: “ah Valentines na Valentines.”

omg!!!!!! i forgot it is valentines day and i wore a red shirt. i have sworn not to wear red shirts on friggin valentines day ever since i found out what it was for and now, here i am wearing a friggin red shirt.

it’s too late to be embarassed so… guess i have to just move on and BE this red shirt. argh.


  1. JerryWho says:

    isn’t that the name of a priest???


  2. mindanaw says:

    . . sometimes I’d like to pose as a Roman history bookworm. But not tonight. I’ll rely on hearsy for now. Jerry perhaps refers to this priest (I’ve heard over a conversation earlier in Marco Polo) who held secret weddings in around 214 A.D. Rome. (i’m not a bookworm!) Young Roman males were supposedly banned from getting married because they were already married to the Roman empires warfreakism. So lovers hid their “affairs”. Valentin was that priest.

    Claire the cat, are you sure you didn’t wear that shirt to mock the red town? hehe

  3. Rhinoplasty says:

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