Posted: February 11, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

me-jollibee.jpgsan miguel is no longer the only filipino ambassador. there’s jollibee fast catching up and narrowing the lead.

i was surprised when smoothriver was so excited and yes, persistent to eat at jollibee. so i took him there for dinner last night. and mehn! we had fun listening to the jollibee jingle. that’s when i realized i’m not really one of jollibee’s regular customers because i really don’t know what the different jolly meals are called.

that was honestly the third time for me to eat at jollibee, sm davao. and it was a fun experience especially if you’re with malaysians who acted really “jolly” in jollibee. ( see their entries here and here).

aside from the jolly experience, i learned something really valuable: how to explain syncopation. “jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly…” thanks jerrywho for the enthusiastic musician explanation along with the tapping. i almost wanted to tell that i honestly still have a hard time differentiating a whole note from a half note despite the long hours i took of music classes in primary and secondary education.

*picture by jerrywho and borrowed from

  1. liguified says:

    bwahahahahaha! a jolly jollibee adventure of a pancake house girl.

  2. sam says:

    jolly jolly jolly jolly jolly jolly \o\ /o/ \o/

  3. she is not only a pancakehouse girl my dear friend darna, she is also an avid costumer of antonio’s grill and she LOVES McDo.So American this reefer is.

  4. liguified says:

    hey, antonio’s grill is a filipino resto. i remember the first time we ate there with claire. we just kinda ‘inhaled’ the food. hehehe.

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