Art Attack

Posted: February 4, 2007 in Art Attacks, Musings

last week i bought the following:

five paint brushes with non-synthetic bristles, linseed oil, one set of oil paints ( can’t afford to buy one set of grumbachers so i’m planning to buy the basic colors one week at a time)

*i have an unused pad of canvas paper given to me by dumaguete artist mark v. when i visited two summers ago. it has been sitting in my bookshelf for months now so it’s probably going to be very happy to be of use soon.

*couldn’t find glossy or matte acrylic medium. it seems that nobody in davao knows where to find it or knows what it looks like. golden bell (the haven for art materials here) doesn’t sell it. if anyone i know who read this blog can help me, please feel free to comment. i need a substitute for acrylic medium. i’m working on photo transfers in relation to assemblage/collage art. preferably photo image transferring to canvas. help needed, please. dee?

  1. crueljohny says:

    claire! go! go! go! can’t wait to see the finish product. 🙂 maybe it’s the weather, the cold bring out that good old creative vibe we sorely miss. i wish i can finally finish things i’ve long started myself. 😦

  2. sam says:

    masterpiece… masterpiece…

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