sayonara sidney

Posted: January 31, 2007 in All and Sundry, Musings

got this text from douglas: “sidney shieldon is dead. lahi na jud kalibutan no? i used to read him when i was in highschool. kaw?”

to one of popliterature’s bestselling authors: have a safe journey to the other side of midnight. there you may probably play with the windmills of the gods. *wink*


  1. moonjunkie says:

    him? diba woman si sidney sheldon? or am I wrong… hehehe

  2. moonjunkie says:

    heheheheh. jus kidding, i use to remember the first time mami introduced him me tong elementary pako and for five years, I was convinced that he was a woman. Well,”the sky is falling” for him and truely “tomorrow would (never) come”. ehhehe…. i hope he wouldnt be “afraid of the dark”.

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