“Super Crayola” Night with Dream Girls

Posted: January 28, 2007 in All and Sundry, Film Reviews, Music Reviews, Musings

i spent one night sobbing endlessly while watching dreamgirls with freshroses, moonjunkie, recursive, and musified macho. super crayola jud ang mama mo as the movie progressed. but i didn’t cry because the movie made me sad or depressed. i cried because i was moved by the performance of jennifer hudson.

jennifer hudson is definitely a diva in the making, if not, a born diva.  i wish my paulette friend douglas was there to enjoy the spectacle with us. he would have added a tinge of flamboyance in the whole watching experience. i can imagine him “belting” with jennifer hudson and beyonce, his hands waving in the air ala mariah carey, or clapping his hands in glee as jennifer hudson starts singing “and i’m telling you.” and he and i would probably be hooting when jennifer hudson sings “i’m changing….”

(aaah, dreamgirls definitely made me recall my musical frustrations. )

no one can ever sing “and i’m telling you” the way jennifer hudson did. her performance was definitive. that song has been a regular entry in most amateur singing competitions here but after dreamgirls, i bet singers would hesitate to sing it to avoid being compared to jennifer hudson’s version. all her performances in the movie were “goosebumps” moments–those moments that would get stuck in your mind for a long time.

as recursive writes, jennifer belts ” it out like she wasn’t singing lines from a song but pouring her vulnerable heart out or venting her rage or proving to herself more than to others that it wasn’t over for her yet.”

and you’d definitely wish you can sing as passionately as she did, or just be as passionate about almost everything that you loved to do. in pursuing your dreams, in making art, in striving to be yourself, to love yourself, and to trust your talent. although life won’t exactly end as dreamgirls did, at least at the end of the day, you can say you put out a good fight.

dreamgirls is definitely a movie i can watch again and again. it has changed how i experience movie musicals just like the way recursive looks at the movie as he comments in his blog:

“In this Bill Condon movie, you see a redefinition of how musicals should be. For isn’t that what the whole idea of incorporating song into the drama should be — that a song should highlight the dramatic action rather than call attention to itself?”

i totally agree. i think that is where the strength of this movie lies. of course, jennifer hudson is THE main attraction–the tiger carrying the movie on her back. she’s right up there in my music DIVA list, telling stories through songs along with my nina simone, billie holiday, ella fritzgerald, sarah vaughn, bjork, pj harvey, alanis, astrud gilberto, sarah mclachlan, joni mitchell, etc.

looking forward to more jennifer hudson performances.

*photo from www.jenniferhudson.net

  1. phreakydee says:

    claire dearie,

    just so you know,

    i am SO IN LOVE with rivermaya’s music.


    p.s: you wrote something about them somewhere in your blog a couple of months ago, am i right?

  2. mebuyan says:

    hahahaha.. you LOVE rivermaya? dee! are you sure? ohmigod. rico blanco the vocalist is sooooooooo cute. how come you know the band?

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