Breaking the News Online

Posted: January 26, 2007 in All and Sundry

Newsbreak is NOW online. Well, it has long been online. It has said goobye to its regular buyer, when it recently released its last hardcopy issue:


i feel a little sad and nostalgic but i still welcome their entry into the world of online newsmagazines. good luck to my friend gemma b. for the heavy task of online editor. the newsbreak site looks pretty good and it’s easy to navigate. methinks it’s coz they’re using cms.

but i know someone who would miss his visits to the mall on weekends just to search for the latest copy of the magazine. this guy is perhaps one of newsbreak’s “masugid” fans as i think he has collected almost every issue of it. go to his room and you’d see a mountain of newsbreaks in the corner. when he learned about it, nino said:”that’s great. now i can subscribe online.”

perhaps there’s a reason why suneater said that newsbreak has “signalled the evolution of philippine news magazines.” still, marites vitug (the editor of newsbreak) wrote; “”we will continue to work online, the platform that is transforming journalism by opening the doors of our profession to citizens all over the world and, at the same time, forming tightly knit communities and audiences in cyberspace. ” that i think is good enough reason. reminds me so much of what mindanews is doing and strives to achieve.

good luck again to the newsbreak community.


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