Martin Oh My Martin!

Posted: January 16, 2007 in All and Sundry

how golden is the golden globes this year? golden. very golden.

martin scorcese winning best director for the departed was definitely icing on my breakfast cake. also gave me good reason why i woke up really early (8 am is early for me, mind you. im not yet human at that time) just to watch the golden globes this year. there was too much at stake. i was rooting for martin and his movie, as well as, leo, jack, helen, and meryll.

a list of reasons why i’m smiling:

1. merryl streep won best actress for the devil wears prada (the only mainstream hollywood feel-good movie i cried to last year!) her speech was full of grit and wit and commented on how much good movies don’t get to be shown in movie theaters. “just ask the theater manager why. it’s amazing what can get if you demand authoritatively…” everybody laughed in agreement.

2. betty the ugly won best comedy tv series, as well as its lead star america ferrera (from real women have curves). she had the sincerest acceptance speech among the winners and successfully made annette benning and othe female stars cry.

3. helen mirren won twice. one word: divaaaaaah!

4. jeremy irons’ speech made me burst into loud giggles. “i live in ireland most of the time… and when i come here, i realize i have forgotten your names.” such a witty comment on personality-driven hollywood.

5. babel won over another clint eastwood movie. if there’s one thing i really didn’t want to happen is clint eastwood winning again. go figure. i wanted the departed to win best movie in the golden globes and in the oscars. but having babel is kinda okay.

6. finding out that emilio estevez directed a john f. kennedy biopic! *roll eyeballs* what a shocker?

7. watching jack nicholson play proud father to his daughter, this year’s golden globe lady. jack can make bugoy look really cool.

8. last but not the least, hearing my martin’s name announced as best director. top one scorsese movie: raging bull. then there’s taxi driver and mean streets. and so on and so forth. the news gave me enough reason to eat lunch. just minutes before, i had just decided to go on a strict diet, but since martin won, why not celebrate on a full meal.

now that martin (a director who, makes arguably “macho” movies) won best director in the golden globes (he hasn’t won any oscars yet), i’m still waiting for a woman director to win the oscars or the globes. the last time (as far as i can recall) they gave such recognition to a woman director was in the 90s, for the movie the piano directed by jane campion (also the director of the unforgettable holy smoke) when will be the next time?

meantime, cross fingers for martin. hey! it’s time to give him an oscar! come on!

  1. denciojuan says:

    its ugly betty dearn from the mexican telenovela betty la fea

  2. claire says:

    oh yeah. sowee. it’s ugly betty. right. yeah. im familiar about the mexican telenovela. i wonder how they’d adapt it for american tv audiences. hmm…

  3. rose says:

    clairey…check out my new blog…

  4. When you watch the original version (Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs), you will weep. Because it’s *the* masterpiece.

  5. whoa! really? got to get my hands on a copy of Infernal Affairs. hmm… thanks for the info. i just found out monahan’s script was an adaptation of the original. dunno if it’s a *bummer*. 🙂

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