My perfect Xmas gift

Posted: November 28, 2006 in All and Sundry


If you’re interested in Plato, you’re reading the wrong book. If you’re interested in difficult childhoods, sexual misadventures, aesthetics, cultural history, and the reasons that a club sandwich and other meals–including breakfast–have remained in the memory of the present writer, keep reading.
–from Feelings Are Facts

the perfect gift for me this christmas is definitely a copy of this book. it’s an autobiography of dancer, feminist, activist and filmmaker yvonne rainer, whose life was as painfully tragic as sylvia plath’s. if you subscribe to the belief that art owns a tinge of madness, then yvonne is mad in the most creative sense. she will probably make poe bow down to his knees in adoration and surrender. “i am not worthy.”

for the longest time i have adored martha graham’s genius. now, i have discovered her Other in yvonne. and i wish to stay in her mind for awhile, just to experience how maddeningly beautiful and tragic life is for her. that sometimes, even in dance, feelings aren’t as easy to come by, they don’t just flow like gushing water. that emotions are in fact a matter of the mind.

  1. […] have blogged about wanting to get a copy of her book Feelings are Facts before. It seems as though, my urge to buy one has reached greater heights. I consider her a visionary. […]

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