Some Spacey Sunday

Posted: November 19, 2006 in All and Sundry

Smoothriver, my real life trekkie friend (yes! I finally met one!) recently created this really ambivalently hilarious video entitled Space, the Boleh Frontier, and posted it on Youtube. It’s something that definitely MADE my Sunday a whole lot like funnier, especially when I had to listen to people around me talk endlessly about “Pacman” Pacquiao’s victory. Sorry to say, such mood of surreal elation coupled with a really weird sense of nationalistic fervor is sometimes unnerving. Call me an anti-Pinoy or what not, but it is annoying to listen to Pinoys identify themselves with a boxer. Oh well, if Malaysia has a bolehnaut, the Philippines has a Pacman! Hmm.. I think I should stop being a partypooper and perhaps create some piece like say, Space: the Pacman Frontier. Ugh… Not funny. I’d rather listen to this video and laugh out loud.

  1. sam says:

    update what phreakydee?

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