Guilty Obsession

Posted: November 16, 2006 in All and Sundry

blogazine’s choice for weekend chun guy has definitely made my obsessive fan girl side very satisfied.

takeshi kaneshiro

 first saw him in house of flying daggers and really obsessed. now, my friend told me he was in chungking express but i couldn’t recall that coz i was too engrossed with another obsession, faye wong. now, im looking forward to going to mantex and buying dvds starring takeshi. *swoon* so handsome. he can give brad pitt a run for his money. what’s the world like without hot men? bwahahaha

  1. kiday says:

    layo ra si brad pitt.brad pitt is takeshi’s armpitts.

  2. bwahahahaha.. funny.. and true!

  3. drooling.

    wipes the liquid.



  4. nakatawa ko sa akong “walkouts”

    new word eh?

  5. baye says:

    waaah!!!dugay nako ganahan ni in..taiwanese man na xa..heheh..haven’t seen the house of flying daggers, though. pero he has lots of movies esp. ung role nya is a high school bully..i don’t understand what they’re talking basta makakita lang ko sa iya. as in!!!*sigh*

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