Beckett Ba Ganyan?(the aftermath)

Posted: November 10, 2006 in All and Sundry, performance art

*thanks to mozie for the title.*

the bad thing about getting used to taking pictures of performances rather than doing the performing yourself onstage is that once you finally get to perform (solo!) you easily forget to bring your own camera.

darn it. if there’s one thing i regret about the festival it’s that i literally did not think of bringing a camera until i was sitting comfortably in a bus travelling to cagayan de oro city. so during our technical rehearsal, i kept flagellating myself for my big mistake and secretly wished my fellow artists would remember to take pictures of me.

and they did. but of course, since most of the people they asked to take pictures weren’t really professional photographers or worse, weren’t really familiar/comfortable with the digital camera (read: doesn’t know what camera shake is), most of the pictures they took of me onstage turned out blurred. i mean really, if you decide to go on manual setting, you have to realize what little light you have onstage. *snigger* sorry, i sound like a bitter old diva. *guffaw* my piece used three lighting colors: blue, yellow, red, washed onstage. so you can imagine how dark pictures turn out if you took them with a normal lens and with automatic settings. *oh well

it was still my fault. i forgot to bring a camera, period. and if i did, i would have been worrying endlessly about giving instructions to people i’d ask to take pictures of me. *guffaw*

still, all in all, the whole festival was successful. i met really interesting characters–old fags who’re called empresses of mindanao theater (whatever that means *roll eyeballs), young theater artists whom i just met during the festival, mozie (divaaaaaaaa!), cute technical people, a really professional young technical director (the first one i met who really tries to understand your script and what your piece means), a group of gays who literally helped me put on my tiara so it would really look like it was about to fall off my head, and so on. there were so many to mention.

one thing i can say about theater people is that they are more often than not, very larger than life. our post-prod meeting at dunkin donuts was a blast. around such company, i felt, for the first time, very normal. and for once, i didn’t have to pretend that i am normal. for once, i didn’t have to be the only strange, eccentric person in the group because everybody was like me. i spent the entire night laughing so hard that at one point, i felt like my mouth would burst at the seams.

one major thing i learned? well, i learned how to put stage make-up on my face. *yipee* before, i used to have a make-up artist or be the major make-up artist putting make-up on other people in theater productions. because of the absence of a make-up artist, i did everything by myself. and i felt really ecstatic when one of the technical people said i did look like a 40 year old! which was the effect i wanted to create.

one major thing i didn’t want to let go? well, i wanted to keep the crown they lent me! the moment it sat on my head, i started acting like a miss universe contestant who had just won the title. *gasp* me? is it really me? *gasp then tears of joy* it was ironic since my piece was basically sort of a treatise against beauty standards. and the character i played was an ageing beauty pageant contestant who has never won a title in her life.

memorable pick-up line before the show:

guy: i like your crown.

me: what?

guy: i said i like your crown (with matching cutesy smile)

me: oh, really? (note to self: you wanna wear it. gender questionable)

guy: you look like a princess

me: huh?

note to self: that was such a bad pick-up line. why? because i looked really ugly in my make-up. remember? i was supposed to look like an ageing beauty pageant contestant! silly.

sigh… to be a diva is such a hard task. *guffaw*

the best thing that happened? highschool students who watched the matinee show liked my performance. and the treat was, they were afraid me. eerie daw. which means that the look i was going for worked. *yipee*

sad thing? the next day, i woke up in my hotel bed and realized i couldn’t move! my back ached. i realized that i had overworked my spine. and so i had to drink medicines and pain relievers again. dammit.

fortunately, the pain couldn’t even surpass the exhiliration of performing onstage. the memories are just too precious for back pains to kill them.

shout outs: thanks felimon for the invite! thanks honey, owen, odie, dexter for the laughter…to nino for helping refine my stage directions and movements… to shiira megumi for lending her voice…

thanks to everyone who made the festival successful.

and before i forget, thanks to audacity. i’m officially a big fan. i did all my audio editing for the voice over using this free software, and i finished doing it within 2 hours tops. and guess what? i didn’t have to read the tutorial! it’s very user friendly. and contrary to what some people (poseurs!) said, audacity does allow audio layering. there! i’m posting the latest/final versions of my rockaby voice-over in my podomatic account soon.

  1. sam says:

    Can’t wait for your podcast!

    Your make-up… was it meant to look like you have some allergic reaction to some lotion or somthing?

    Who said Audacity cannot do multi tracks?

  2. mebuyan says:

    hahahahaha….allergic reaction… uhm… dont know what you mean? funny you said that. the lines on my forehead are supposed to make me look older onstage. tsk tsk. but im happy you noticed i do look ugly coz i was supposed to really look ugly.

    yup. some “techie” guy here said audacity can’t do multi-tracks. and i followed your advice and voila! i proved him wrong. hehehe… the effects are great too…:-)

  3. gibbs cadiz says:

    hi there! wonderful blog. mind a link-up? i’ve added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  4. dennis says:

    when you rant about something, you really want to live by the meaning of the word. yah claire, its your fault that you did not bring a camera.hehehe

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