rockaby voice-over

Posted: October 28, 2006 in All and Sundry

finally, i found someone (sweet enough) to do the voice-over for my performance art movement piece entitled rockaby beauty, which is an adaptation of samuel beckett’s “rockaby.”

for the past days, i was agonizing over who to ask for help with this thing since i know i’m not really good with voice-overs. until, one day, i realized that shiira, my colleague at the university can do it. first, she is a comm arts teacher who teaches radio comm, and second, she was once a voice talent for several radio dramas. *light bulb moment* hence, she can do it for me. yahoo!

it was nice of shiira to acquiesce to my request, uhm rather, pleas. by the way, shiira, arigatogozaimazu!

for a sneak listen to some of the audio shiira recorded for me, click rockaby1 and rockaby2. the first is supposed to sound like a child talking, and the second is a woman’s voice(sounding very tired) which should be towards the end of the play.

and of course to smoothriver, thanks for answering my questions about how to post audio in my blog (coz some people are just too busy to answer my questions *hmp*). and for understanding that i’m NOT really an uber techie person, and i hate reading manuals, so i need heeelp. *snigger* the real reason, my friends, is that i’m just plain lazy. *dance* yipee! i got a podomatic account.

  1. sprites says:

    kitty ain’t lazy…just plain beauuuuuutiiiifffuuulllll……so when you dancing for me? 😉

  2. sam says:

    chickadee giggly rockaby
    shiira is a cute baby
    chickadee giggly rockaby
    I’m convinced she a tired lady

    Wow you guys should start making podcast shows!!! I am dead serious!!!

  3. JerryWho says:

    some people?

    sounds like the guy who didn’t respond to your Internet Messaging..


    he was busy… right?

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