Hooray for China

Posted: October 26, 2006 in Stumbled Upon

“China bags 8 golds in World Gymnastics Championships; USA goes home empty-handed…” read a crawler from News Asia last Sunday. I literally jumped on the bed; screaming in glee at the excellent news (read: USA winning nothing in the world championships in gymnastics). Not wasting precious time, I immediately sent JohnnBoy a SMS about it, knowing that he is the only person I know who’d be willing to share my enthusiasam. As expected, he quickly replied saying: gaba ang US. China plans to dominate in the coming Olympics. Russia and Romania are the only worthy opponents.”

I couldn’t agree more. Having been fans of any popular Olympic sports (especially those that always have something to do with agility, flexibility, strength, endurance, and most importantly, GRACE), JohnnyBoy and I are victims of what we call gymnastics mania. We could talk about the sport for hours; even resorting to namedropping celebrities from the world of gymnastics going as far back as the early 90s. We share favorites. We talk about the beauty of the floor and beam exercises and how Russian players are so gorgeous.

I was never a fan of team USA, except when they managed to pirate Dominique Moceanu from the Romanians.

So when I read in an airline travel magazine some time ago, that China has set up a boot camp for its gymnasts to train day in and day out because they were planning to dominate in the Olympics, I got really excited. This brings a new phase to world gymnastics. And a new team to root for come Olympics time.

I anticipate that China will be able to succeed. And they will. The world championships is just the beginning. Sorry USA, you’re never gonna get on that throne.

I’ve always liked team China ever since they started competing in the Olympics, back when they were still struggling to get score of tens. But there was always something different about the Chinese gymnasts. Unlike the brawn and technique associated with USA, the Chinese along had grace and artistry; much like the Russians and Romanians.

Hopefully though, the Chinese gymnasts won’t experience the same fate as the Chinese swim team who dominated the World Swimming Championships not too long ago. The swim team’s win was clouded and wrought with so much scandal and intrigues mostly sown by sore losers who couldn’t believe they just got punked by the dark horses of World Swimming. *cross fingers*

The Chinese gymnasts will/should dominate in the Olympics and they should leave the crumbs for the rest to feast on. I couldn’t wait.

story links: NYTimes,

  1. sam says:

    Team America bombs every freaking part of Asia and the bagged ZERO in the gymnastic championship? Now I know where the $$ goes.

  2. hahaha. that’s an interesting way of putting it.

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