Posted: October 10, 2006 in All and Sundry, Musings

*above is the title of the short performance art piece, which creative writing student pamila chi wrote for johnnypanic’s class.  the piece explores the many definitions of what art should be and questions the prevalent assumptions/assertions/definitions imposed on art such as that “art has/must have function.” not devoid of humor, the piece also tries to problematize the binary hierarchies of high art and low art that are often considered as essential boundaries to define what art is and what it is not. is art a discursive form? we find out from the characters above. 

  1. Andy, Dali and Foucault? Pour quoi mes amies?

  2. *grin* i added a little explanation just to contextualize the picture. i was so amazed at my student’s ability to come up with short pieces like this, i couldn’t help but post it.
    andy is still the diva amongst the three..

  3. sam says:

    have u got it recorded on tape?

  4. angely chi says:

    *hey claire! we look cute here! thanks for the post ;>

    *these three guys are so concerned with image…

    *the bald guy on the left is not foucault but picasso.

  5. reefer says:

    hi chi,
    you look good in the pics. yeah. picasso. right.
    hey, you should open your own blog na!!! gooooooooooo!! i have converted three of your classmates already. im sure you can make really good entries. *bat eyelashes*

  6. clarshire1 says:

    This friend of mine is taking pictures of normal objects that look like letters and then making words out of it…check out his website…

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