Aphallic Caresses

Posted: October 5, 2006 in All and Sundry

a perfect way to celebrate camwhore’s birthday: spend a night of unadulterated reefer madness with “tripped-out photos” to boot.

plus the kilatz were also added attraction.

warning: the images you’ll see below aren’t what they seem to be. if you have an aversion to women being intimate with each other, i suggest you leave NOW. *guffaw*

camwhore and i decided to trip on acting roles as reefers in lesbos. and yes, we had loads of coffee and…. bleep.

johnnypanic was such a good sport for condoning our otherwise questionable displays of affection that made most of the customers in the coffee shop stare in disgust and astonishment. he took the pictures with his camera phone.

one girl with peroxide hair did a double take, which prompted camwhore to bark: “waddya looking at?”and then point at me with an evil grin: “girlfriend ko pare.” *guffaw*

what a night. in between fits of uncontrollable laughter, hiccups, and hyperventilation, i actually thought: “this is a night i’d make my goddesses irigaray, cixous, lorde, naylor, anzaldua proud.” how’s that for lucidity? *guffaw again*

  1. sam says:

    whoa… holy lesbo dios mediante!!

  2. ted says:

    I do not mind them. I think it cool.they can be my wives

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