the truth

Posted: September 21, 2006 in Musings

there’s something about finally knowing the truth that’s refreshing. and somehow, knowing the real score will help you move on. as in, really move on.

nevermind if you know that there are several truths. because you know that this is your own truth. and it will go a long way, will take you places, and it is enough for you to live on. 

and even though the truth is painful, you are able to welcome it with a shrug and a little laugh and then a feeling of relief washes over you.

then you are absolutely sure that everything is okay. *hugs

  1. Autophytes says:

    bullet (2) Invernesshire n. racially pejorative. Crude, black, ignorant,

  2. Sorry says:

    Hey, My sincere apologies to all those whom I spammed. Wont do it in future. This is the last spam.

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