one way to remember a place…

Posted: September 15, 2006 in All and Sundry

.. is to take grainy and blurred pictures of it. (NOT!)

that’s just me trying to justify how my pictures turned out. the truth is, they’re all ugly save for some i kinda fell in love with. from now on, i’m going back to film photography. i’m officially obsessed with it. back to basics.

it was as though my pictures went along with my mood lately. sullen. sad. and ugly.

the feeling of anticipation was agonizing when i had my developed negatives digitized in a cd and the agony felt more real and painful when i saw my pictures. aaah. it was like all your memories just got washed away by bad mixture of light and mirrors.

when i told jerrywho my pixes were grainy, he replied: “how so? under exposed?” and when i said, “yeah.” he said: “probably due to faulty exposure meter.” by then, i wanted to cry.

if naked lunch were here, he would be smirking at me or even laughing at my pictures and telling me: “see, you have to check your equipment first.” yeah, my fault. and to think i actually took pictures with a very dirty lens!

but then again, there’s no excuse for bad focusing! my goodness. some of my pictures were blurred. i tell you, this is what i get for being too comfortable with point and shoot cameras for a long time, for depending so much on auto-focusing. so when i decided to just try out everything manual, i fell flat on my face. dammit.

of course, naked lunch, yvette and all my photography teachers would say: “it’s not the camera, it’t the photographer.” sigh again.

so! i’m buying lots of film today, and i’m going to do photography the old school way. *cross fingers. by the end of the month, if i don’t improve then it’s probably time to ditch this ambitious attempts.

here are some of the pictures i actually liked for the reason that they’re just dreamy. period. (the images are resized. click on them for a larger view or you can just look then disregard. they all suck anyway.)

*i’m putting the other pixes in my flickr account.

from naked lunch’s brother skippy, mindanews’s photo editor: “always b consious on ur film ISO ug aperture
if u feel like under ka just drop1-2 sa F/stop nimo”

haaaaaay.. ambot.

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