29 rounds of beer

Posted: September 13, 2006 in All and Sundry

as a reaction to my entry on naked lunch’s 2nd death anniversary, kaladkarin sent me this:

claire, 29 rounds of beer, pwede pud. hahaha.

sometimes i get tired in the same way as you too, but i guess we’ll still be seeing each other huh? =)”

my answer:

yes! bring it on. 29 rounds of beer for you B. and it won’t be ordinary san miguel pilsen. no siree. it should be red horse because that’s how you liked it–extra strong!

sad as it may sound, yes kaladkarin, we shall see each other again. (i guess this would be something we share as a constant,huh?) but this time around, let us drink till the last drop of red horse. let’s drink to all these memories

scaredy cat’s note to self: i better get more drinking practice. drinking buddies for hire! come out come out wherever you are. oh shit. *bite lip

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