wanted: kid. fast!

Posted: September 11, 2006 in All and Sundry

my craving as of this moment is to ride the choo-choo train in sm mall here in davao. last night i was going window shopping and i saw this really colorful choo-choo train circling around one area of the mall, and couldn’t help but ran towards it and wish i could ride in it too. “choo choo train!” i shouted like a little kid. my companion felt so embarassed, he went straight to the gadget store. being a non-gadget person, i wasn’t enticed by the sleek palmpilot and the new cellphone models displayed in the shop. hello! my cellphone is quite old. and my friends would often tease me about it, but well, i just couldn’t afford to spend my hard-earned money buying an expensive mobile phone, which i only use for sending sms and calling contacts. the only techie objects i do honestly crave as of the moment are an ibook and a nikon d70. (if you’re a camera person, you’d know what i mean!)

anyway, i asked the operator of the choo-choo train if adults were allowed to ride in it, and he looked at me quizzically, and said: “hmm.. just kids miss. parents are allowed to accompany their children inside.”

i better look for a kid fast! somebody who would pretend to be my niece or nephew and who’s willing to act scared yet excited to ride in a choo-choo train. so i could tell the snooty operator that my niece or nephew “needs to be accompanied or else he or she will get motion sickness.” wanted: a kid. now. willing to pay.

why is it that when people become older they’d lose their sense of enthusiasm over mundane things such as riding a choo-choo train? or maybe it’s just because i’m suffering from peter pan sydrome; scared to confront the grown up world.

my sisters would often get embarrassed every time i’d start dancing to the an rnb tune in the mall. once, madonna’s “frozen” was playing in the national bookstore, so i started moving my arms above my head and swaying my hips and twirling my fingers orissi style, my sisters freaked and ran away from me, laughing so hard in the process.

i guess i humiliate myself more often than not when it comes to reacting to music. oh well. but i still wanna ride that choo-choo train!


speaking of shame, i felt a little worried that i might be accused of showing off after i posted some of my published essays on this blog. the reason why i did that was purely because i was so happy i found my files after months of searching for them that i decided to make my blog a repository of my works. because i got a little paranoid, i created another blog (written silences) devoted only for my published works lest i be accused of showing off. (*if there’s anything i really don’t like it’s being accused of that. ) 


and speaking of writing:

yes!!!! the drought is over. thank goodness.

after four years of non-activity as a fictionist, i finally started my first collection of flash/sudden fiction. i finished writing the first draft of one flash fiction piece last night. after revising the sentences several times, i decided to just leave my story for a while to catch some sleep.

it was so difficult to leave my story. i had a hard time sleeping because i kept thinking of the details, the plot, how to make my story tighter, and so on.

this is understandable, i told myself. because i haven’t written a story in a long time, i allowed my creative juices to get the best of me, so it went rushing out like a dam. not that i haven’t been writing, i have been. but my works were mainly creative nonficiton pieces.

fiction is a totally different realm to tread on. and i am literally in that realm. so help me god.

  1. phreakydee says:

    you are not alone, my dear claire.

    for me, i go for balloons! ha ha. everytime i see balloons, i’d go ‘omg! omg! balloons! me.want.balloons.now!’ but i guess it’s a lot easier for me, as i have 3 nieces (and a brand new nephew), so i can buy all the balloons that i want, as long as i have them kids with me 😀

    as for dancing around when you hear your fav song, my friends and i back home always do that :p so you are so not alone! one of my friends always go to the listening machine (whaddya call the thing in music stores? where u can listen to the cds?) and singsalong. loudly! you should’ve seen him ‘headbanging’. god!

    you’re not suffering frm ‘peter pan syndrome’. you’re just ‘staying true to your roots.’ the rest are all sellouts. 😀

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